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Floral Lavender
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Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

YSL's Libre

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This scent is: A sunny citrus surprise
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About this scent
Concentration: 15%
Gender: Feminine
Vegan | Cruelty-free PETA Animal Test Free | Clean ingredients

Floral Lavender (inspired by YSL's Libre) opens on a sunny mandarine, neroli, and orange blossom accord. It then evolves with warm notes of jasmine and vanilla. Paired with lavender--typically a masculine, raw material-- our floriental composition is given a hint of insolence.

Intriguing, joyful, and warm, Floral Lavender (our impression of YSL's Libre) plays with genders, without ever neutralizing codes. The fragrance exhilarates a daring and free sensuality born from the collision of masculine and raw materials paired with a very feminine base.

Notes & Ingredients
TOP: The first notes you smell
mandarin, neroli, blackcurrant
MIDDLE: The heart of the perfume
jasmine, lavender, orange blossom
BASE: The notes that linger all day
vanilla, amber, musk
Ingredients: Bergamot Ess, Atlas Cedarwood Ess, Lemon Ess, Lavandin Ess, Mandarin Ess, Orange Ess, Vetiver EssHedione, Timbersilk, Habanolide, Ethyl Linalol, Florol, Helveltolide, Linalyl Acetate, Trimofix, Ambroxan, Vanilline, Linalol, Benzyl Salicylate, Bacdanol, Hydroxycitronellal, Cis-3-Hexenyl Salicylate, Verdox,Magnolan, Heliotropine Crystals, Cyclamen Aldehyde, Exaltolide, Dihydromyrcenol, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol, Terpineol, Grisalva, Ethyl Maltol, Ethyl Vanilline, Methyl Anthranilate, Musk T, Coumarine, Benzyl Acetate, Boisambrene, 2,4 Decadienoate Ethyl, Geraniol, Hexyl Acetate, Phenoxyethyl Isobutyrate, Citronellol, Geranyl Acetate, Indole
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For Those Who Live by Their Own Rules

To bear the Yves Saint Laurent label is to be elegant, androgynous, and original. But above all, it implies a sense of being free, unencumbered by expectations and self-imposed constraints.

It’s in this very spirit that YSL introduced the powerful, gender-bending YSL Libre Eau de Parfum — a scent for those who lead lives of their own design. And indeed, Libre is the fragrance of freedom. Freedom to express yourself. Freedom to choose. Freedom to live life to the fullest.

Libre makes an impressive first impression with a warm, sparkling curtain of citrus. Top notes include mandarin orange, blackcurrant, and lavender, while the heart notes are orange blossom and jasmine. The scent begins herbaceous but transitions into a lovely musk with notes such as Madagascar vanilla, ambergris accord, and cedarwood oil. The overall scent is pleasant, and a touch lighter than most florals.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this fragrance lies in its stubborn refusal to conform to gender-specific olfactory conventions. And certainly, it wouldn’t be fair to call YSL Libre a purely feminine fragrance. No, there’s more to it than that. There is just something extremely sensual about the marriage of masculine lavender and feminine orange blossom absolute that, in the end, makes for a fragrance that’s really neither for him nor for her. It’s a soft, androgynous scent that straddles the line between two extremes: less intense than a gourmand and more muted than a chypré. Women looking for something less sweet and sharp will love Libre, while men with an affinity for fougère notes will find it inexplicably appealing.

This is a powdery, sensual, and floral fragrance that lasts for upwards of eight hours from one spritz. And much like a pair of classic diamond studs, Libre is a fragrance that can be worn just about anywhere and at any time. We find it perfect for a night at the club, while also being appropriate for a more conservative daytime activity like work or a meeting.

YSL Libre is available in two concentrations, an Eau de Parfum and a lighter, cleaner Eau de Toilette. The perfume also comes in a pretty three-piece gift set featuring a full-size Eau de Parfum, a travel-size Eau de Parfum, and a nourishing Libre body balm. Also available is YSL Libre Intense Eau de Parfum, a flanker to the original that adds even more power and sensuality.

YSL Libre is a fresh, luxurious, and innovative perfume for the mind, body, and soul. Definitely one of our favorites. If you’re in the mood for something just as pleasant, with well-composed notes and unique character, consider Dossier’s Floral Lavender. It’s a replica of the original YSL Libre that pushes the bounds of sensuality, creating a scent that evokes raw confidence, beauty and sophistication.

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Heads Turn
Heads Turn
I absolutely LOVE this perfume but I didn’t want to spend an arm and leg to get it every time. Thank you Dossier. Now I can get my favorite fragrance at a fraction of the cost.
Sarah R.
Puts me in a good mood
Puts me in a good mood
A touch sweeter than YSL Libre but I don't mind. Love wearing this on a rainy day.
Emma L.
This smells identical to YSL Libre
This smells identical to YSL Libre
10/10 recommend! I’m so happy I gave this scent and dossier a try! Identical to the designer at a fraction of the cost!
LaShea C.
I love this perfume
I love this perfume
It is my favorite of Dossier. I recommend this perfume if you want a soft flowery smell, it lasts a long time too! This perfume smells just like YSL Libre
sofia c.
Smells just like YSL Libre
Merchelia B.
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We're good for you.
Colorant &amp; UV Filter Free
& UV Filter Free
Vegan &amp; Cruelty-free
Vegan &
Paraben &amp; Phthalate-free
Paraben &
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Most asked questions.
Q: How long will the fragrance bottle last?

A: This depends only on your usage habits. On average a 50ml bottle, used one time a day, lasts about 2 to 3 months.

Q: Are the fragrances tested on animals?

A: None of our products are tested on animals. Weare PETA certified -https://crueltyfree.peta.org/company/dossier/.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Returns are always free. You can return any items that you don't like within 30 days after delivery and we will refund you the full price. Nevertheless, we don't refund the shipping costs (if you order less than 3 products, otherwise it's free).

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A: We've got people who love chatting about all things fragrance related, email us at help@trydossier.com.au to get a quick, personal reply. Don't worry—we check it constantly.